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We currently have over 40 research studies in set up, recruitment or follow up. Our research portfolio is diverse and ranges from supporting complex single centre studies to national multicentre randomised controlled trials.

We receive funding from a variety of NIHR, Research Council and charitable funding streams. In total, our research studies cover over 400 sites and include more than 28,000 research participants.

An IV bag being delivered to a patient

Although we take on studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas, our main research fields are: cardiovascular, diabetes, dementia, musculoskeletal, psychology, respiratory and stroke. Within these we are investigating medical interventions, screening, rehabilitation, lifestyle modifications and health service delivery.

We have experience in designing and running a wide variety of studies, including trials of complex interventions, clinical investigations of medical devices, CTIMPs, behavioural interventions and trials utilising routine data. We have experience undertaking RCTs in both Primary and Secondary care and within the Care Home sector. We also undertake methodological research.

We are unable to support studies without funding. Funded single centre, and small feasibility trials may be considered for adoption by the CTU if there is a clear strategy of development to deliver a definitive phase III trial.

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