Working With Us

An image of two members of CTU staff

The Trial activities we will typically be involved in are described below. We can only formally act as your Clinical Trials Unit if we have oversight of the main trial activities.

Whilst we largely focus on interventional research, we occasionally are able to support larger, complex observational research.

Research Activities we support

  • Research Design and Grant Development
  • Study Set-up and obtaining relevant approvals
  • Study Management and Coordination
  • Quality Assurance and Monitoring
  • Qualitative Research and Process Evaluation
  • Data Management, Database Design and Randomisation
  • Statistical Oversight and Analysis
  • Health Economic Oversight and Analysis
  • Dissemination and Publication of Results

If you only require randomisation and database support, this may be possible, depending on capacity at the discretion of CTU Management. However provision of data management alone does not enable a trial to be formally adopted by Norwich CTU.

If you are unsure as to whether you think you need a CTU to help you deliver your research, please ​contact us

How to request support

Please contact us for any new studies you are planning by completing our collaboration request form.

When preparing a request for CTU adoption it is useful to consider;

  • Are your research aims and hypotheses clearly defined and well-articulated?
  • Do they follow logically from the existing literature?
  • Is the research team well-balanced and composed of individuals with complementary expertise?
  • Is the proposed research methodology sound and appropriate for addressing the research aims and hypotheses?
  • Are the methods well-described and justified?
  • Is the research plan feasible within the proposed timeframe?
  • Is the recruitment and data collection plan realistic?
  • Is the research plan feasible within the available budget?

On receipt of the form, a member of the CTU will contact you to discuss your proposal and the next steps that you will need to take.

It is likely that you will be invited to attend a CTU Trial Adoption Group (via Teams) in which we will review your project plan and make suggestions and recommendations. Following this meeting, the group will make a determination on whether the CTU is able to collaborate with you on your project.